FAQ: Dwellings of Eldervale 3rd Printing Pre-Order

I have not received an order. What do I do?

  • Fill out the Customer Service Form at BreakingGames.com and we’ll be able to look further into this.

What LANGUAGE versions are available?

  • English is the only language version that will be available at www.DwellingsofEldervaleShop.com and BreakingGames.com. All non-English language versions of Dwellings of Eldervale are made available via partner publishers. Each partner publisher will handle all sales and customer service for the versions of the game they are publishing.

  • More languages are actively being prepared for manufacture. We will share news in the Dwellings of Eldervale newsletter when release dates are locked in.

How do I purchase the ORACLE tile?

  • Oracle tiles will be available to order when the 4th printing pre-order opens. 

  • The rules for this tile are in the main rule book, and any tile not in play may be used as a proxy in the meantime.

When will the DELUXE UPGRADE KIT be back in stock?

More of ALL Dwellings of Eldervale order items will be available when the 4th printing delivers - including the Deluxe Upgrade Kit.

SHIPPING: I do not live in the US. Can I participate in this pre-order?

  • Yes. ALL DwellingsofEldervaleShop.com orders will ship from the US, but we are willing to ship to where you live.

  • NOTE: When the 4th printing items are delivered, all order items will be in distribution and available for local and online game stores to order.

Will I have to pay VAT and CUSTOMS related taxes and fees?

  • Yes. Recipients of orders shipped outside the US will have to pay any such costs.

What is the difference between the First/Kickstarter and the Second editions?

  • Game play is the same. There are zero rules changes.
  • Second Edition makes all the awesome game play and components that the Kickstarter brought to life available in discrete, unique sets of components with no overlap or duplication. A few components have been moved to different order items causing potential gaps. The Buying Guides will make the details clear for you. Every order item’s product page has a list of what that order item includes.

Will there be FUTURE opportunities to purchase Dwellings of Eldervale?

  • Yes.

Breaking Games is keeping all Dwellings of Eldervale order items "in print". We share regular news regarding availability via the Dwellings of Eldervale newsletter.

How do I know what I should buy?

  • Based on what you own now, choose one of the three Buying Guides.
  • The Buying Guides present purchase options for 3 groups of buyers. People who…
  1. own nothing.
  2. own a First/Kickstarter Edition.
  3. own a Second Edition.